Who is Noel Howgill?


Noel Howgill

Hi, I’m Noel….

If you choose to take driving lessons with me at Ignition, then I will be your driving instructor. I am a highly experienced, fully qualified, approved DVSA driving instructor in Nottingham. I was trained as an instructor in 2004 by the largest national driving school in the UK. I am proud to say that I have taught the essential skills of driving to hundreds of people over the years, giving me extensive experience in the field, as well as a story or two to tell. I have coached many people from all walks of life. One of the things I enjoyed most was giving blind people the chance to have a go at driving, whilst on a charity day for the guide dogs charity.

My driving career started when I was 8 years old, racing go-karts. I have always had a passion for cars and driving, and I still enjoy getting down to the local go-kart track. I also like to push my driving skills to the limit wherever I can and have many experiences behind the wheel, ranging from driving off road, through rivers and deep mud, rally driving, skid control, drifting and even stunt driving on 2 wheels! I also have a Caterham Seven that I enjoy driving on the road and on track days. Driving on a race track helps me to keep improving my driving skills and it’s great fun! I have driven on some of the top UK race circuits such as Silverstone and Donington.

My other love is music. I used to be a House music DJ for many years and have played in numerous venues. I love going to Ibiza and music festivals such as Glastonbury.




The Car



You will be learning to drive in my Hyundai i20N. It is a very easy, comfortable and good fun car to drive. Smiles guaranteed.

It has air conditioning to keep you cool on the warm days and heated seats for when it gets a bit chilly! It has dual controls to keep you safe and is fully approved for the D.V.S.A. driving test. It has a petrol engine and a 6 speed manual gearbox.

I’m sure you’ll really enjoy driving it.